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A Unique Products For Fumeless Pickling And Passivation On
Stainless Steel

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 K-2 Product Approved
As per  ASTM A-380
K-2 Product Approved

Removes Built in Corrosion From Stainless Steel.

Removes Scales, Discoloration & Ferritic Contamination.

Stops Corrosion & Restores Full Corrosion Resistance.

Removes Metallic Contaminants Oxide, Scales, Rust spots & Annealing Colors.

Gives a Flawless, Uniform Smooth Contamination  Free, Sterile Particle Free Passive Surface.
Area Covered by K-2 Chemicals

We Undertake pickling & Passivation job work at site

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K-2 SI-56

K-2 Pickling-Paste

K-2 Pickling-Spray

K-2 Pickling Dip

K-2 Pickling-Duplo K-2 Passivation

K-2 Carbochem

K-2 SI-56

k2  paste

k2 spray K-2 Pickling Dip K-2 Pickling Duplo K-2 Passivation K-2 Carbochem

Removal of oil

Weld Seam Cleaning

Cleaning Large
Equipments & Vessels

Clean Complicated item wire rolls

For Duplex Cleaning Stop Further Corrosion

Chemical Polishing
& Deburring Process

  K2, K-2 Passivation is used after Pickling to Protect Stainless Steel from Further Corrosion

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