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K-2 Product Approved As per ASTM A-380

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Material Safety Data Sheet

3 Eye Contact:
  In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.  Risk of severe or persistant eye injuries. Risk of blinding, severe irritation of eyes, watering, redness and swelling  of eyelids.
  Refer for medical treatment.  Severe irritation with corrosion and perforations in the cut-intestines,  Coughing and difficulty in breathing.  Rinse out mouth and give plenty of water to drink.
  Advice to doctor:
a) Symptoms:
b) Chronic Bronchitis, Coughing.  Painful,  irritation , redness and swelling of skin.  Severe eye irritation, redness,
  watering,  nose bleed.
c) Hazards:
d) Most serious consequences (irreversible damage or death).  Emergency medical help a vital necessity.  Special
  precautionary measures to be taken in all cases.

C) Treatment

Symptomatic treatment (decontamination, vital function) no special antidote known.
Pulmonary – Dexamethason spray.
Stomach rinse : Cacium gluconate solution.
Skin treatment:  Ca-gluconate-gel or Ca-gluconate solution very slowly into arteries.

  Suitable extinguishing material: Product is non-combustible water spray jet.
  Extinguishing material that must not be used for safety reasons.: No restrictions
  Special exposure hazards arising from the substance or preparation itself, combustible products or resulting gases.: Nitrogen Oxides (Nox) , Hydrogen fluoride (HF)
  Special protective equipment for Fire Fighter: Use Breathing Apparatus. Do not inhale explosing and / or combustion Gases. Acid disposed proof clothing- Full protective suit.
  Additional information: Fire residues and contaminated firefighting water must be of and in accordance with the local regulations.




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