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','#a02800','white'); messages[1] = new Array('k2-pickling-spray.jpg','This is used to clean large fabricated equipments of SS vessels, agitators, dryers, dairy machinery, fermentators, internal as well as the external of pipes by a pressurised spray bottle or pump.','#a02800','white'); messages[2] = new Array('pickling-dip.jpg','This is used to clean complicated items like internal & external of pipesssssssss, wire rolls, internal recessed areas of machinery, heavy machinery by dipping into a huge tank by means of a chain pulley.','#a02800','white'); messages[3] = new Array('k2_duplo.jpg','Pickling and passivation on DUPLEX and SUPER DUPLEX stainless steel. ','#a02800','white'); messages[4] = new Array('passivation.jpg','Passivation protects and avoid the stainless steel surfaces from further corrosion and contamination.','#a02800','white'); messages[5] = new Array('bio-passive.jpg','A chelant passivation technique for stainless steel. A nitric acid free passivation for food dairy/ bewerages/ pharma industries. ','#a02800','white'); messages[6] = new Array('k2_-carbochem.jpg','This is used to processes polish and deburr the surfaces of metal. It effectively remove all fine and super fine burrs from surfaces and corners. Reduction of the surface microroughness is also achieved. ','#a02800','white'); messages[7] = new Array('ssa.jpg','(Inhibitor) With the addition of K-2 SSA, the existing acid in the bath is unable to itch or eat the parent metal, hence over pickling & over pitting is avoided, thereby saving on metal loss and increase in production. It reduces NOX fumes and unpleasant odours causing less hazards to human health. ','#a02800','white'); messages[8] = new Array('passive -400.jpg','K - 2 Passive 400 - This Chemical is a rust remover and gives a passive film on 400 series of Stainless Steel surfaces. 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400 Series



K-2 Product Approved As per ASTM A-380

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K-2 400 Series

Surface Passive Test Conducted at our end.

The chemical is a rust remover and gives a passive film on 400 series of stainless steel surface.





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